Botheration [noun]

Definition of Botheration:


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Sentence/Example of Botheration:

Mrs. Delane: Then botheration to it, and I not dressed or undressed.

"I suppose its botheration, for one thing," said Mrs. Brier.

She'd come back to them again as soon as we were gone, and think what a botheration spared her!

Oh, botheration, Beth; I can't get the horrid thing right, and I'm not going to try.

Isn't it wickedness—botheration to you—but I wouldn't be losing my time talking to you!

I anticipated a great deal of bore and botheration; but, through Heaven's mercy, he merely spoke a few words, and left me.

It has cost me more botheration and dubiety than any other I ever took in hand.

The botheration is that weve lost a lot of time, and our chance is utterly dished if the Jew gets in first.

I find it something between a botheration and a satisfaction.

Accustomed to the "fuss and botheration of men" at such times, she was prepared to deliver him a little lecture.