Bothering [noun]

Definition of Bothering:


Synonyms of Bothering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bothering:


Sentence/Example of Bothering:

The Taube has been bothering us again, but wound up its manœuvres very decently by killing some fish for our dinner.

Many, like myself, find the last less trouble and expense than bothering with incubators.

Black Hood vaulted into the roadster without bothering to open the door.

But no matter what happens, time and the world rolls by as indifferently as though there was nothing worth bothering about.

That was what was bothering Brodrick; for it was Jane's hand, in its freedom, that had kept the standard of the magazine so high.

They devoured the rabbit without bothering themselves about her.

But why, in the name of all that's unheard of, should collectors come bothering me about luna moths?

He'd knocked about so much over the world that he was past bothering about explaining things or being surprised at anything.

The dreams began bothering him again, now that the urgency of getting Evri-Flave, Inc., started had eased.

They have been bothering the chickens again lately—carried off two only night before last.