Bothers [noun]

Definition of Bothers:

trouble, inconvenience

Synonyms of Bothers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bothers:

Sentence/Example of Bothers:

What really bothers us a little is the mosquito affair—the so-called elephantiasis—ask Ross about it.

Ye'er boss can go to Paris on a combination wedding an' divoorce thrip an' no wan bothers his head about him.

I want to mark my rug yet this evening and your noise bothers me.

If the God of these earthlings bothers not about them, why should they trouble about God?

Nothing grieves me now; nothing troubles me, nothing bothers me or gets my attention.

It bothers me never to know when my foot will come down on one of them, instead of the floor.

Everything seems to point that way, and if he bothers us any more I shall make it my business to find out.

They all crowd around Lorenzo, whom this funereal sort of masquerade bothers extremely.

Yes, we let those limbs stick out about ten inches so that they will catch in the brush and on logs, and that bothers, you see.

She bothers so over my music; calling out if I make ever so small a slip, and making me go over all again.