Boudoir [noun]

Definition of Boudoir:

main bedroom

Synonyms of Boudoir:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boudoir:


Sentence/Example of Boudoir:

The hour was beyond the time in which he ought to have been in the imperial boudoir, to await the hand of his intended bride.

The two women shut themselves into a boudoir, and I put myself within hearing.

The dressing-room was really a ravishing boudoir hung with pale blue satin, studded with marguerites.

Thus the conversation that is conceded in a club smoking-room would be intolerable in the boudoir.

The extremely rich furniture was of a boudoir and toilet chamber leading to a parlor.

Then Jacinth, anxiously waiting, heard the boudoir-bell ring, and a message was brought to herself asking her to join them.

The young fop bowed in silence, turned on the heels of his boots, and gracefully quitted the boudoir.

"I shall carry you," and taking her in his arms as he spoke, he bore her to her boudoir and laid her tenderly down on its couch.

This affair being arranged, Newton made his bow to the lady, and in company with Monsieur de Fontanges, retired from the boudoir.

Shall we, then, after an interval of nearly two years has passed over the young lady in the boudoir, look in again upon her?