Boulders [noun]

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They found that boulders in this area showed bright veins, narrow in width but about a meter in length, similar to what’s found in other carbonaceous chondritic meteorites that have landed on Earth.

When NASA’s OSIRIS-REx arrived at near-Earth asteroid Bennu, scientists were dismayed to find a surface covered with hazardous-looking boulders.

She continues to boulder and sport-climb both at the gym and outdoors.

The trail finishes with a bang, as hikers must scramble hand over foot to climb several massive boulders on their way to the mesa top, where the modern world and parking lot await.

If you have trails or open space nearby, scaling small boulders works, too.

On the opposite side of the stream, set back about thirty paces from the brink, stood a granite boulder.

At the far end we made a little fire and lay round it in the shadow of a big boulder.

Boulder beaches are so quick in answering to every slight change in the conditions which affect them that they seem almost alive.

The cutting is not altogether in the fixed material, for the boulder itself is also worn and scored in the work.

Here and there we will find a boulder perched on a pedestal of ice, which indicates a recent down-wearing of the field.