Boulevard [noun]

Definition of Boulevard:

street, often lined with trees

Synonyms of Boulevard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boulevard:


Sentence/Example of Boulevard:

The 60-foot monument is the oldest and largest of the five Confederate figures that gave Monument Avenue, the grandest boulevard in the state capital, its name.

The red zone in its center remains largely shuttered, though the state redrew the map Friday to shrink the area by half, to about four square miles, following a major residential boulevard for dozens of blocks.

Of course you did not hear anything about her when you searched up and down the boulevard the other day?

They climbed into the car and Chapman drove out the boulevard and turned into the Parkville road.

When the automobile shot into Bonwit Boulevard and headed toward Roselawn the first flash of lightning made the girls jump.

At the top of the boulevard there was a barrow of flowers drawn up alongside the kerb.

They found a garage and a good automobile, and spent an hour or two out on the ocean boulevard.

A gentleman in kilts would make as great a sensation in the streets of Edinburgh as he would on the Boulevard des Italiens.

Was it on the Boulevard,354 in a carriage, or in the large alley of the Tuileries, or else in the dress-circle at the theatre?

A few houses stand on the left side of the boulevard, which also serves as a fair ground.