Bounders [noun]

Definition of Bounders:

reprehensible person

Synonyms of Bounders:



Opposite/Antonyms of Bounders:


Sentence/Example of Bounders:

He is what our English friends call a 'blooming bounder'; fast yachts, fast motor-cars, the fast set generally.

I say, Michael, you're in a fair way towards looking like a thorough young bounder.

None the less, he was a bounder, a rank outsider tolerated only for his money.

Mr. Clifford used to describe him as 'a bit of a bounder—in fact, a complete outsider—but no fool.'

If a cheap peeping instinct says "Look," and another instinct says "Oh, you bounder," which will you suppress?

That young man has too much luck—the young bounder won two races to-day; and he's as rich as Croesus.

His mate was a bit of a bounder, with one of those rakish military caps whose soft tops cock sideways or backwards.

The bounder rattled away, spouting his bits of English and his four words of German.

You bolt off like a frightened rabbit and make friends with the first bounder who comes along.

Our bounder thrummed on the table and hummed something, and asked the q-b if she knew the Rosencavalier.