Bulb [noun]

Definition of Bulb:

globular object

Synonyms of Bulb:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bulb:

Sentence/Example of Bulb:

Bang went the fragile bulb, as it splintered into a thousand atoms, and the mercury shot in sparkling globules over the table.

Should it fail, the fluid can generally be pumped out by alternate compression of the tube and the bulb.

Then the tip end was broken off, and the bulb being a vacuum, the colored water was drawn into it, and filled the globe.

When, with returning fair weather, the atmospheric pressure increases, the water can no longer bulge or drop out of the bulb.

In this chair is a charge of high explosive and above it a glass bulb containing sulphuric acid.

September is the proper month in which to make the bulb garden.

The bulb garden is more brilliant than the garden of annuals which succeeds it.

The catalogues of the bulb-dealers will be sent out about the first of September.

And to think that her mamma had given the first little bulb to Miss Mary!

In this case the grains or fragments of zinc are put into the lower bulb (a).