Bulgy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bulgy:

He had the broad smiling face of a comedian, and the bulgy forehead of a Baptist Missionary.

One last glimpse of the little bulgy window of the shop as the lorry rounded the corner, and then I turned and looked at the girl.

For the hundredth time that day, the Hun had gone into the bedroom to look out of the bulgy bedroom window.

And you're getting a little black and bulgy under the eyes—especially the left one—and so did he, at just about your age!

The bulgy Mrs. Foley welcomed the Roselawn girls with her usual copiousness.

Honor came running in, looking rather flushed and hot, and with a curious, bulgy appearance about her blouse.

She was wide and bulgy and her chair always seemed inadequate when she settled thus for nourishment.

She pounced upon him and drew forth the bulgy something, which proved to be a large square package.

The eyes, light blue and bulgy, reminded Horace of poached eggs left out in the cold for a week.

Those little bulgy eyes of his look at you particularly straight and childlike.