Bulkhead [noun]

Definition of Bulkhead:

holding wall

Synonyms of Bulkhead:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bulkhead:


Sentence/Example of Bulkhead:

He splashed his way up to the cabin bulkhead, where the halyards were belayed on cleats on either side, and let them run.

These were controlled from above by rods and wheels led to the level of the bulkhead deck.

By connections at the engine room forward bulkhead steam could be taken from any boiler in the ship.

The water then flowed in from the top through the deck scuttle forward of the collision bulkhead.

There was another water-tight door at the after end of the water-tight passage through the bunker immediately aft of D bulkhead.

This door and the one on the D bulkhead formed a double protection to the forward boiler room.

To the right opened the master's stateroom, and a door in the forward bulkhead led to the galley.

He put in the bulkhead, and I went to the port-hole to unseal it.

Scott fell back against the bulkhead, his eyes fixed on the cats still scavenging among the empty cells.

Nelson placed it upright against the bulkhead of his cabin, behind his chair, where he sat at dinner.