Bulky [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bulky:

Lawrence mingled with the crowd, and as he read he felt a bulky envelope thrust in his hand and caught a glimpse of a dusky arm.

And as she said it his eye caught sight of a bulky envelope lying in the sand beside her chair.

He reached over, with astonishing suddenness in one so bulky, and twirled the secretary about with his ham of a hand.

At a late hour a small boy named Newcamp delivered a bulky package to Scattergood, and vanished into the darkness.

From his hiding place Harkness saw the bulky figure of Schwartzmann, who made as if to follow where the other man had gone.

A few days after the battle an orderly placed a bulky letter in the hands of Lawrence.

The down quilts which had served them so well were too bulky to be taken along, though not of much weight.

He saw the bulky body of a man approaching middle age, yet full of rough, brawny substance and weather-tried endurance.

If his partner's impedimentia was not too bulky, the ancient model was ready for another trek to the hills.

Paper, pens, and ink were so poor that the bulky and awkward tablets were used by preference for all but the longest letters.