Bulldozer [noun]

Definition of Bulldozer:


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Sentence/Example of Bulldozer:

One specimen was unearthed from the bank of a small muddy stream by a bulldozer.

There was screaming everywhere now, and more bodies on the floor, and the press from behind was as relentless as a bulldozer.

A bulldozer stood abandoned on it, brand-new and in perfect order, with the smell of gasoline and oil about it.

He reached the bulldozer and turned south, and at long last reached the highway.

The specimen was uncovered by a bulldozer at a depth of about one foot below the surface.

With Ben at the control seat, on command, both cars extended broad bulldozer blades from their bows.

The Tractosaur was a "thinking bulldozer" the Spindrift scientists had designed.

"Just as I thought, you—you little bulldozer," she said, shaking him.

Dakug swildu ang makamaung muupirit ug buldúsir, One who knows how to operate a bulldozer is highly paid.

There was nothing wrong with his command of whatever language it was, but there seemed to be no word for bulldozer.