Bulldozing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bulldozing:

Marster had both white an' colored overseers but he would not allow any of his overseers to bulldoze over his slaves too much.

In vain they tried to bulldoze and cajole, to push and to pull, to plead with and to denounce the obstinate Nancy Jane.

No call to bulldoze a fellow just because you happened to be first on the spot!

Then it required another half hour for the three to bulldoze McGregor into accepting it.

But he knew Christopher Straight too well to attempt to bulldoze that hard-eyed old woodsman.

An attempt to bulldoze a young government man into believing that the taking of logs without payment was permissible.

Besides this, they had been compelled to bulldoze everybody, ranchmen and railroad men.

I'm the president of this club, and there isn't any ordinary-sized member of the Fur section who can bulldoze me.'

But you can see that we can't allow these men to bulldoze us.

Perhaps that crowd is coming over again to bulldoze us, he suggested.