Bulled [verb]

Definition of Bulled:

tell an untruth

Opposite/Antonyms of Bulled:

Sentence/Example of Bulled:

Three white-coated men with the aloof look of reactor specialists stared at them as they bulled into the spotless chamber.

On the face of the showing here we've just bulled ahead without any regard whatever for law or regulations.

You want to win this race so much that you've bulled yourself into thinking that you can.

The telegraph operator at Clyde "bulled" the message, and copied it, "Meet us at the noon train with stretcher."

"I could 'a' tanned your young hide when you bulled off after that bear," said the latter.

He had always bulled things through by sheer weight and courage.

Gee, how a fellow would miss all the good old eggs he had walked with and drunk with and bulled with these past years.

Quicker'n lightning we bulled through the other end, and the rest of the cab left there.

It won't be the first time we've bulled our way through a tight place!