Bulletproof [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bulletproof:

One of the suggestions that we made was that there be bulletproof glass in front of the President's lectern.

The top, sides, and underpart are all of bulletproof construction.

Third, use a specially armored car with bulletproof glass and have such cars readily available in locations frequently visited.

Well, as to the bubble top which accompanied this car on November 22, 1963, was that bulletproof or bullet resistant?

Do you know whether or not an effort is being made at the present time to develop a bullet-resistant or bulletproof top.

Do you have any personal knowledge of any efforts made to obtain a bulletproof or bullet-resistant transparent top?

At that, he'd have probably killed me, if I hadn't been wearing that bulletproof vest of McKenna's.

Inside the glass wool was a layer of material serving exactly the function of the coating of a bulletproof gasoline tank.

I was willing to bet it was bulletproof and also that it belonged to the Major.

It was as though a soldier after his first skirmish should congratulate himself on being bulletproof.