Bullied [verb]

Definition of Bullied:

intimidate, push around

Synonyms of Bullied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bullied:

Sentence/Example of Bullied:

In addition, 80% of parents said they’re worried about filters’ impact and two-thirds of teens said they’ve been bullied over how they look in photos.

We feared that bullying behavior might continue and escalate into more serious abuse.

Teachers at schools and universities must be taught to handle situations pertaining to discrimination, harassment, and bullying any individual based on their gender, sexuality, or orientation.

All previous presidents, I’m going to hazard, they used the bully pulpit to try to unify the country.

That’s what Roosevelt meant by calling the presidency a “bully pulpit” — that it was a great platform to get things done.

Circus life was exciting enough, but young David Lannarck was tired of being stared at and bullied because of his small size.

Customers, the old merchant says, were often bullied into buying things they did not want.

But it is a tough-fibred, stout-hearted breed of men, that has not accustomed itself to being bullied.

It's because the “aard-vark's” a Dutchman—a Cape boer—and the boers have been much bullied of late.

She bullied him, and frightened him into silence when he began to find fault with her extravagances.