Bullies [noun]

Definition of Bullies:

domineering person

Synonyms of Bullies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bullies:


Sentence/Example of Bullies:

He was flung down heavily, and pinned prone in a corner by one of those bullies who knelt on his spine.

Here the bullies of the two counties would come together to decide who was the "best man."

Little and quiet and smooth-spoken, he could put the legal leather into the biggest bullies the other side could hire.

This made Sherrard furious, and Sheriff Zones and all his crowd of bullies were furious with him.

Most of the thrashings that he had dealt out to the school bullies were given on his brothers account.

If these bullies find most of the college admires her, they will be a little more careful.

Two medieval bullies had drawn their swords, and were preparing for a duel, which it was apparent that neither half liked.

Nearly all these young bullies wear strong leather belts with heavy solid buckles, and they know well how to use them.

One day I saw one of these young bullies deliberately poke an old man's eye out.

It is these young bullies, and not grown men, that make the slums of London and other large cities so dangerous.