Bulling [verb]

Definition of Bulling:

tell an untruth

Opposite/Antonyms of Bulling:

Sentence/Example of Bulling:

He c'n go bulling his way on shore all he pleases, but out here he'll only get what's due him.

Once this was taken, she would be independent of Bulling and his hateful associates.

As he arrived at the dock edge he caught sight of Iola and Dr. Bulling.

Even Trent, by no means inexperienced in these matters, was disgusted with Bulling's tone.

With a cry Dick sprang at Bulling, but half a dozen men pulled him off.

Mrs. Duff Charrington will be awfully cut up, not to speak of Bulling.

"In church," replied Bulling solemnly, to the uproarious delight of his followers.

These are the facts: At the dinner, night before last, Dr. Bulling lied about you.

For the first time she saw herself from Dr. Bulling's point of view.

It was hard to fire into the mob through which Burlingame and his crew were bulling.