Bullish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bullish:

You love toothless satires; let me inform you, a toothless satire is as improper as a toothed sleekstone, and as bullish.'

A toothless satire is as improper as a toothed sleck stone, and as bullish.

"And curb securities naturally feel the influence of the bullish sentiment," Fiedler continued.

His face was intelligent, dark, pleasing, and not at all John-Bullish.

In politics and religion this curious and very John Bullish unreason is still more apparent.

The sight of scarlet always went to his bullish head, and now made him more mad.

It was partly due to a John Bullish resentment of anything savouring of foreign aggression or intervention.

They liked him for his bluff, John-Bullish, and rampant manner.

The writer has heard this John Bullish effusion before now, and what was better, seen it generously and justly acted upon.