Bumblers [noun]

Definition of Bumblers:

person who blunders

Synonyms of Bumblers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bumblers:

Sentence/Example of Bumblers:

When some small, edible creature such as an ant bumbles against the strand, it breaks loose from the ground and yanks the tiny morsel upward to flail helplessly in the air.

Meanwhile, Periscope which has largely bumbled along over the years, is in a particularly fragile place with app code emerging just today that indicates an impending shutdown for the app.

Zach Woods and Suzy Nakamura round out the cast as other Avenue 5 employees, all of whom bumble around while attempting to maintain order onboard.

But here comes the Bumbler, and now for the agony of the entertainment.

Monsieur, we may observe, had completely superseded the Bumbler, just as a colonel supersedes a captain on coming up.