Bumper [adjective]

Definition of Bumper:

abundant, productive

Opposite/Antonyms of Bumper:

Sentence/Example of Bumper:

Bumper looked in Jimsy's and Wheedle's eyes, and saw they were pink, but he was still doubtful.

That was an answer good enough for any rabbit, and Bumper should have been satisfied, but he had a very inquisitive mind.

Bumper promised not to be spoilt by listening to what little girls said, and then eagerly repeated his question.

Rabbits don't like to be called by two different names, and if I was you, ma'm, I'd keep on calling him Bumper.

Which was true, but Bumper went to sleep dreaming of a million questions he would ask his mother in the morning.

So Bumper found himself alone in the garden, or rather in a pen shut off from the rest of the garden by stout chicken wire.

But while they stopped and waited for him to proceed, Bumper chewed away at his carrot until it was all gone.

It was gooseberry jam, and Bumper hated gooseberries, although he had never tasted of them before.

She stretched forth a hand as if to reclaim her Bumper, but the lady moved away with her purchase under her arm.

While listening to all this conversation, Bumper experienced strange and unusual emotions.