Bumpkins [noun]

Definition of Bumpkins:

unsophisticated person

Synonyms of Bumpkins:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bumpkins:

Sentence/Example of Bumpkins:

Well then, Mr. Bumpkin, there is first a history of your life.

Ah, quite so, quite so; so I should have supposed from what I know of you, Mr. Bumpkin.

Now Mr. Bumpkin, as the reader knows, was not alone in his expedition.

“It have been a mighty long time about, surely,” said Mr. Bumpkin.

“Thee beest too old, thee meanest,” said Mrs. Bumpkin, laughing.

Is there any truth in the statement that this Bumpkin beats his wife?

Mr. Bumpkin certainly would have been a sharp man if he could.

No doubt, Master Bumpkin; but it does not follow that I see it.

That thee be a fool,” said Mr. Bumpkin, angrily; “thee be a silly-brained—.

He had no sooner resolved to see Bumpkin than to Bumpkin he went.