Bums [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bums:

Bum-boats selling goods before sunrising and after sunsetting are very hardly dealt with.

So Jack gave the cow to the man and took the Bum-clock himself, and started for home.

And when the man lifted the Bum-clock and put it in his pocket, everybody stopped jigging and dancing and everyone laughed loud.

An intelligent correspondent suggests that brandy would be about the thing, but that it should be labelled "Bay Bum."

They served us desserts made with Bum Berry goo As we danced to the tune of the didgeridoo.

From their palace they showed us the wonderful view, And we saw all the fields where the Bum Berries grew.

Bum´ble, beadle of the workhouse where Oliver Twist was born and brought up.

We don't need 'em both, and I'm sure Bum will know how to handle that kid if he gets fresh.

The term Pan, means one dollar, Bum Pan means a half dollar.

Now, we've sent Bum to grab her and bring her here, and Bum may have her by this time.