Bundle [noun]

Definition of Bundle:

accumulation, package of something

Synonyms of Bundle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bundle:

Sentence/Example of Bundle:

Apple also unveiled Apple One, a bundle of its subscription services.

That matches earlier rumors that Apple would make its music app the centerpiece of a bundle or choice of bundles that would include various services at prices offering a modest savings to consumers.

I brought a few bags of groceries, a pair of rubber boots, and a bundle of older clothes that I didn’t mind destroying.

He also helped handle the development of Apple’s upgraded TV app last year and is leading the charge on Apple’s push into services bundles.

Egyptian animal mummies can look like little more than bundles of cloth.

To gain more awareness and scale, Lookout Local will be testing a bundle with the Los Angeles Times that will offer a discounted membership to Lookout and a subscription to the Times.

Publishers have been experimenting with different kinds of bundles for years.

In some cases, the bundles and partnerships can be deployed purely for their marketing value.

After years of talk about bundles being key to digital media’s future, the economic shocks of past few weeks, plus some headlines from the past few days, have put the subject back at the front of everyone’s thinking.

If successful, this technique will enable researchers to strip a bundle of time and money out of the traditional testing process.