Bundled [verb]

Definition of Bundled:

accumulate, package

Synonyms of Bundled:










Opposite/Antonyms of Bundled:

Sentence/Example of Bundled:

Rising at once he bundled up his traps, threw the line of his small hand-sledge over his shoulder, and stepped out for home.

After a smart administration of the strappado, he proceeded to examine the contents of his pinafore, which was bundled round him.

When the party was complete they bundled into their wraps again and piled into the machines.

She was going 163 into Mr. Vandergriffs store when she saw a man, bundled in a big ulster, talking with the proprietor.

In the cold darkness of the night we bundled up in thick clothes and went forward to sit on the observation seat of the engine.

As for Halyard, he was unspeakable, bundled up in his snuffy shawls, and making uncouth noises over his gruel.

Dunham shook his head as he bundled their paraphernalia out of the boat.

The groups of soldiers hustled over to a big object bundled up in tarpaulins, which stood a few yards off.

Why, the other day I bundled one of them, whom I found listening at the door, head first down the stairs.

Williams and I secured a small lair underneath a limber in an open truck, and bundled in our kit.