Bungle [verb]

Definition of Bungle:

blunder, mess up

Synonyms of Bungle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bungle:



Do well




Sentence/Example of Bungle:

I never knew him bungle over a rope or make a bad slip, and it was simply a pleasure to see him steer.

In practically all crimes attempted by scientists they bungle their jobs completely.

I am sure the snarling Beasts could never bungle Life as men do, darling, Who half know.

Not very seriously, I am afraid, lamented Nathalie, judging from the bungle I made in trying to learn that square knot.

"I'm afraid I shall make a worse bungle of it than I did of the toast," he said, as he saw her folding her hands with delight.

My respect for the great narrative writers is increasing enormously, as I bungle onward.

They dont bungle, they dont muddle, they dont leave anything to chance.

He did not want to bungle things by being in too great a hurry.

If you should bungle, it would ruin the first act and might kill the play.

I groan aloud when I reflect on the irremediable mess, hash, bungle I have made of things.