Bunglers [noun]

Definition of Bunglers:

person who blunders

Synonyms of Bunglers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bunglers:

Sentence/Example of Bunglers:

Miserable bungler that I am, I have been trying to make matters better, and I have made them a thousand times worse!

A profound and sure affection, which I was foolish enough to allow to be lost to me, like the bungler I am.

You will confer a great favor on me, for I am still rather a bungler in business, and but for you I should often be embarrassed.

Whereas the bungler is probably far more deranged than the man who does the job properly.

And the words were no sooner out of his mouth than Richard cursed himself for a bungler, and a slightly vulgar one at that.

She was not such a bungler; though that she was the directing spirit in the entire affair he had not the least doubt.

I'm distressed to have been such a bungler, such a miserable bungler, such a blind fool, indeed.

I twitched softly at my wrists, and then at my ankles, but whichever of the two had secured me was no bungler at his work.

As for the art of fencing, Torelli is certainly no bungler, but he too has the skipping fashion in his method.

Rachel was a botcher and a bungler, a very cobbler, beside Anne Turner.