Bunions [noun]

Definition of Bunions:

physical growth; lump

Synonyms of Bunions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bunions:

Sentence/Example of Bunions:

Using the ridges made by the toes as steps, she clammered up to the dark bulge of the deity's godlike bunion.

It was unbearable, especially the last time when a heel was set squarely upon Freckles' latest bunion.

In the general relaxation Dolly Beatty slipped off her tightest shoe, one bunion and four corns clamoring loudly for room.

When a bunion is forming it may be stopped by poulticing and carefully opening it with a lancet.

An enlargement of the basal joint of the great toe, probably a bunion, is also comparatively common.

Half a dozen men stooped and slashed at their boots to get room for a pet corn or a burning bunion.

A bursa may form beneath a corn, and if inflamed constitutes one form of bunion.

"And you did both very well, my dear Miss Bunion," Pen said with a laugh.

Owing, I fancy, to a bunion, she was so leisurely a walker that it was I who must set my pace to hers.

I flatter myself we could fit the biggest beetle-crusher ever bunion'd into the shape of a giant potato or a Californian nugget.