Bunks [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bunks:

My using the upper bunk meant that the chairs were still available for me to sit in before bedtime, although the headroom was now significantly limited.

Most of the crew slept stacked like lumber in an 18-person bunk room and they all took turns in the rack.

Westmoreland said he sweated it out, shivering in his bunk until, six weeks later, he finally recovered.

The two-bedroom condo was subsidized by the local running store so the six postcollegiate athletes, who all slept in bunk beds, could have an opportunity and some breathing room financially to train and race.

Chewonki spent the summer reorganizing campus so there’s more space in the bunks and dining hall.

I remember waking up one night and looking out of my bunk to see him standing on the floor.

The first man my eyes lighted upon as I stepped inside was MacRae, humped disconsolately on the edge of a bunk.

Thereafter he went into a contemplative frame of mind to the docks, and found Sam Blake as usual in his bunk.

He disliked the look of Cash's rough coat and sweater and cap, that hung on a nail over Cash's bunk.

Bud set him down on the bunk, gave him a mail-order catalogue to look at, and went out again into the storm.