Bunkum [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bunkum:

A grain—requiring to be picked out with a pin and microscope—of truth, with a bushel of bunkum or cant.

He became the voice of the British Empire, and the man who had always ridiculed Americans for bunkum oratory, out-screamed us all.

But I'm blowed if this bunkum don't make me inclined to turn Radical rat.

And I might have known all the time that it was so much bunkum, just a yarn to get out of my hands.

Their magic of the first kind is compounded of pure bunkum and fraud.

To be infused, even by bunkum and banter, with the idea of killing, is a sad overthrow of sane balance.

It is all very well to talk bunkum on the platform, but the wire-pullers want cash for themselves and to work with.

I called, "look up Mrs. Bunkum and see how deep to plant sunflower seeds."

Do you suppose an authority like Mrs. Bunkum would write a book on gardening, and not mention such common things as sunflowers?

Milton uttered curses on him who destroyed a good book, but what do you think will come up in ground fertilized by Mrs. Bunkum?