Bunny [noun]

Definition of Bunny:

sexy girl

Synonyms of Bunny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bunny:


Sentence/Example of Bunny:

It needn’t be in the backcountry, and the bunny slope and cross-country trails totally count toward your season total.

She’s like, you already know you can shoot it, so, you know, let’s work on being more of a power forward, getting those easy bunnies.

Paige my makeup artist suggested a bunny and we just ran with it.

Greco led a tour of the production lines, where workers in clean-room bunny suits operated machinery.

He bunny-hops onto the kitchen table, his mom smiling indulgently.

He washed Lovin Child's clothes, even to the red sweater suit and the fuzzy red "bunny" cap.

"'If you are not a bogus Bunny you will know,'" I read, spreading the message out before me.

"We shall be almost as great a combination as the original Bunny," she cried, enthusiastically, when I told her of this coup.

Even aside from the size of the check, Bunny, it was great chasing the old man to cover.

"I just can't stand it for another minute, Bunny," she faltered, real tears coursing down her cheeks.