Buns [noun]

Definition of Buns:

baked roll

Synonyms of Buns:

Opposite/Antonyms of Buns:


Sentence/Example of Buns:

I carried mine in my long, luxuriant hair, which I wore “bun” fashion, held in a net of opossum hair.

Add bun to these terms, and they are made to have passed away,—prefix tah to them, and their future appearance is indicated.

One of the features of Michaelmas in Scotland was the concoction and cooking of a giant cake, bun, or bannock.

Her eyes looked like raisins in a bun and her mouth had almost disappeared.

I purchased an enormous delicacy just as one would buy a bun under ordinary stances.

David Rittenhouse stood by, silent in adoration, his attention divided between Gent and a big bun, for he had missed his dinner.

In the world where he was going soon, were the majority like them, or were they of the hypocrite and bun-throwing classes?

Bobby ate the bun soberly and then sat up against Auld Jock's feet, that dangled helplessly from the bed.

To break a Good Friday bun between two persons, is accepted as a pledge of friendship.

Carl, intensely wrought up, floundered to his bare feet, a "red-hot" in one hand and half a bun in the other.