Buoyancy [noun]

Definition of Buoyancy:

tendency to float

Synonyms of Buoyancy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Buoyancy:

Sentence/Example of Buoyancy:

If it were pushed downward, then its buoyancy should decrease, allowing it to fall below the underside of the levitated liquid.

Its recent buoyancy arises from relatively robust GDP growth through early this year and its status as the world’s reserve currency.

This buoyancy allows it to undertake a four-day week experiment and could also be because of it.

Diving rings sit at the bottom of a pool because they have a lot of mass but don’t take up much space, so the force of gravity beats buoyancy.

She always seemed to be fairly bursting with youthful energy, and no bird could rival her buoyancy.

Unluckily, Bob had not counted on that extra weight of stone inside, nor on the loss of the buoyancy of the water.

He saw in it, the buoyancy of youth under the influence of agreeable company, and a cloudless day.

The buoyancy tanks in the lifeboats were of 18 ounce copper, and of capacity to meet the board of trade requirements.

But the buoyancy of the Polish character helped the nation to recover sooner from this severe blow than could have been expected.

They are forward, and sometimes rash; but this generally arises from that buoyancy of spirits, which health and vigor impart.