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Nature, ever buoyant and imperative, does her best to remedy the ills created by "Man's inhumanity to Man."

It was to me a new birth of faculties that resembled a new sense of being, a buoyant and elastic lightness of feelings and frame.

She was a most lovely girl, with a wild-rose complexion and starlike eyes, and full of life and buoyant hope.

The water of dead seas, because of the additional weight of the substances which it holds, is extraordinarily buoyant.

She was a brunette—great black flashing eyes, full red lips, raven-black hair, skin suffused with the glow of buoyant health.

But no sooner was she full than the discharging tubes freed her, and she rose again and again, buoyant as a cork.

Astonishment made me spring up with so energetic a bound that I found myself on my feet feeling singularly light and buoyant.

She had braced herself to this moment, till she looked the most buoyant, joyous thing in the world.

But his buoyant courage rose quickly to its high and natural level.

The buoyant casks persisted in bobbing up to the surface, escaping now and then from their hands.