Burble [verb]

Definition of Burble:


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Sentence/Example of Burble:

Meanwhile the author of the latest explanation went from house to house to burble the news in the company of his two witnesses.

All was still again except the quiet hum of the mechanical shampoo brush and the soft burble of running water.

There was no wind, and except for the burble of the stream and the call of the birds all was still in the forest.

She heard a faint burble of talk away at the other end of the wire.

I even test my burble on poor Sister every week before sending it in.

With a burble of insane, twittering glee, he went into action.

A humming in his mind; a distant burble of tiny voices of other minds.

The American bragged in a nasal whine, the Briton patronized in a throaty burble.