Burbling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Burbling:

But the source of that particular burbling moved through the dark wood beyond the clearing.

Lilly darted into the kitchen and stooped absorbed over the burbling coffee.

There was no wind, but the stream's burbling whispering chuckle had gained twice its daytime strength.

The coughing had a burbling sound to it, as if the old pope's lungs were full of fluid.

As for Brenton, it's a mere case of burbling genteel platitudes in a marvellous voice.

When the reporter got through burbling, he did have a few facts that were accurate.

The motor sound was muted in the burbling exhaust of their bubbles.

The steady burbling of the stream made him oblivious to other sounds and he did not hear the two men approach.

The moans were now a gobbling, burbling, almost continuous cry as he reached his goal—a small cabin still intact.

If you will listen close by you will hear him buzzing and burbling like an overheated teakettle as he struggles.