Burdening [verb]

Definition of Burdening:

encumber, strain

Synonyms of Burdening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burdening:

Sentence/Example of Burdening:

He has been blamed for not raising more by taxation during the early years of the war instead of burdening posterity so heavily.

I am uncomfortable at the idea of burdening even your friendship with the entertainment of a person purely for my sake.

He will come and depart at his own sweet will, neither burdened with punctualities nor burdening others by exacting them.

It is well, as far as possible, to abstain from burdening systems with the imperfections of individuals.

I see no use in burdening young minds with oversorrowful stories.

We quickly cut the deer apart, burdening ourselves with the choicest haunches, and then set off on our return to the fort.

On the contrary, I shall be glad of it; but I will not take the risk of over-burdening him by ordering him to do it.

Halfadozen vacant faces gaped at me, the burdening pump, the caudal hose.

It is burdening her true nature and causing weakness, which will be felt more deeply as time goes on.

If she had kept the charge committed to her, the inequalities and spoliations now burdening society would not be in existence.