Burdens [noun]

Definition of Burdens:

mental weight; stress

Synonyms of Burdens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burdens:

Sentence/Example of Burdens:

Bel is broken, Nebo is destroyed: their idols are put upon beasts and cattle, your burdens of heavy weight even unto weariness.

And when I look at the burdens to which the land of this country is subject, I do not consider the fixed duty of 8s.

Consequently the House gave a friendly reception to a Bill intended to relieve them of some of their pecuniary burdens.

To whatever extent the grants of royal domains were revoked, those burdens would be lightened.

If you would escape Time's bruises and his heavy burdens which weigh you to the earth, you must be drunken.

There were plodding lines of people, disciplined, carrying burdens, no bigger than ants at this distance.

Hadria found a certain lack of tender feeling among the happy few who had no such tragic burdens to sustain.

The object of his present motion was to give relief by diminishing the pressure of the local burdens to which land was subject.

"I understand that the pastors of peoples bear great burdens," replied Theodore.

It was two weeks before this siege was lifted, and Corydon was able to take up her burdens once more.