Bureaucracy [noun]

Definition of Bureaucracy:

system which controls organization

Synonyms of Bureaucracy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bureaucracy:


Sentence/Example of Bureaucracy:

Your new identity involves much bureaucracy—driver’s license, passport, health insurance card must be updated, and so you stop to have your photo taken.

This could—according to the official line—improve public services, cut down on voter fraud, and reduce bureaucracy.

The culprit is bureaucracy—with its authoritarian power structures, suffocating rules, and toxic politicking.

That, says Vondracek, is why his experience is a lesson for countries battling with clunky bureaucracies but endowed with the power of a relatively savvy and tech-minded population.

That’s particularly true when it comes to the presidency, which oversees a vast federal bureaucracy influencing trillions of dollars in spending.

Republicans tend to be against large bureaucracies that make a lot of people’s decisions for them.

They’re working their way through the bureaucracy, they’re being challenged by courts.

Almost the worst kind of government that can be placed upon a people is a bureaucracy.

And in the same manner as in Prussia, a portion of the bureaucracy joined the bourgeoisie.

Roger found all the civilisation, culture, and well-ordered bureaucracy of the Moor firmly established.