Bureaucratic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bureaucratic:

Critics, on the other hand, say it invites fraud and creates more problems by bringing more bureaucratic government agencies into the system.

Although most of the transport-system solutions he has proposed to various cities have encountered political and bureaucratic obstacles, his ideas were implemented successfully in Mexico City’s metro system in 2016.

Instead of supporting this vital sector, the City Council has attached a heavy bureaucratic anchor around the necks of the hotel industry.

Those rates could be low because they’re out of date and updating them is a laborious bureaucratic exercise, or they could just generate little revenue because there’s not much new development in the area.

The last ties which bound him to the bureaucratic world snapped under the strain of this act of injustice.

The large amount of self-administration has prevented an undue increase of bureaucratic power.

Socialism does not mean that there is to be a great bureaucratic government owning everything and controlling everybody.

The new King was known to be no supporter of the predominantly bureaucratic and military monarchy of his father.

This plan was described by many as an example of a blundering surrender to Socialism and a concession to bureaucratic tendencies.

According to the Economist the situation was due to bureaucratic methods of control.