Bureaus [noun]

Definition of Bureaus:

branch of an organization

Synonyms of Bureaus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bureaus:


Sentence/Example of Bureaus:

One day Aristide, with an unexpected franc or two in his pocket, stopped in front of a bureau de tabac.

It has two hundred brethren, and every year twelve of these are chosen, who are called “brethren of the bureau of accounts.”

In one of ole Miss's bureau drawers was a large plain linen handkerchief which was never used.

At the bureau he ordered a couple of packs of cards and a supply of drinks and went to his palatial room on the ground floor.

Every team in Rosewater was bespoken for the distinguished occasion, and the reports of the weather bureau were consulted daily.

Before leaving Verdun he had seen Pierrepont enter the telegraph bureau—to dispatch a message to the Sûreté, without a doubt.

"Well, I'm the original little information bureau," Betty assured her.

This bureau distributed food rations and clothing to the Negroes and provided educational opportunities for them.

At that time he was employed in the Bureau of Finance, at a salary of eighteen hundred francs and a promise of more.

Thus it was that in her distress she married Clapart, a clerk in the Bureau of Finance.