Burgers [noun]

Definition of Burgers:

ground-up beefsteak

Synonyms of Burgers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burgers:


Sentence/Example of Burgers:

Agkistrodon bilineatus bilineatus, Burger and Robertson, Univ.

As in the wonderful old ballad of Burger, the Prussian horseman has taken the maiden “Germania” on his saddle.

You forget the ballad of Burger, my dear Alexanderthe dead travel fast!

The burger waited, my mask was thrown by, and my face appeared whitened with chalk, and made ghastly.

They both ran: and the silly burger, eased of his fifty dollars, scampered first.

The burger again shrank back; Holtzkammer kept him in conversation, and I assumed a third farcical form.

She dances without stopping, has dressed herself as a bride and fancies she is Burger's Lenore.

Interviews with a senior commandant, who was by no means complaisant, and finally with Schalk-Burger, followed.

Everything was as silent as death when Acting President Burger took the pen in his hand.

The chairman was Mr. Schalk Burger, one of the most liberal of the Boers, and the proceedings were thorough and impartial.