Burglaries [noun]

Definition of Burglaries:

stealing from residence, business

Synonyms of Burglaries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burglaries:


Sentence/Example of Burglaries:

As he was relating an account of a desperate burglary, I asked him what he would have done if the man of the house had awakened.

There was a burglary at Countess Saens' house, and the thief took nothing but papers.

She left here in a violent hurry on her maid coming to say that there had been a burglary at her house.

He wisely concluded that it is not sufficient to commit a successful burglary, if you are afterwards found out.

Even burglary becomes a bore when you have to wait too long idle out in the cold.

In other words, you think it is indispensable that we should undertake a burglary?

He was concerned in a burglary in the country, in which two old ladies were killed.

In the words of the police-captain, he would not add larceny to burglary.

I came to see if this burglary was the handiwork of the thieves I have been trying to catch.

There's a plan of burglary, say a couple of men in it and Martin squared.