Burgled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Burgled:

Careful research showed that the burglar had been disturbed before he had had opportunity to burgle.

"There is nothing at McKittrick's to burgle," his daughter retorted triumphantly.

Why, they might burgle every house on one side of the street while the whole division was on the other.

I reflected that if he meant to burgle me he would do so, key or no key, so I thanked him and said I was sure it was not needed.

If this car carries the burgling things to rob the bank they won't be able to burgle to-night, anyway.

Being about to burgle the bank, it's well not to be seen together—eh?

She will burgle your office: she will have you attacked and garotted at night in the street.

I would steal—burgle—housebreak—cut the sweetest lady's throat in Christendom—for a fire!

My attempt to burgle you on the Gigantic was not so successful as to tempt me to repeat the performance.

Are you hard hearted enough not only to break and enter, but also to burgle his hoard?