Burial [noun]

Definition of Burial:

laying in of dead body

Synonyms of Burial:

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Sentence/Example of Burial:

The first significant climb on the course is alternatively referred to as Vault or Cemetery Hill—a reminder that before it became a public park, this land served as the private burial grounds for the Van Cortlandt family.

“Jewish custom insists on prompt burial…a consideration of particular relevance in hot climates,” the authoritative Encyclopaedia Judaica explains.

Funerals can be delayed when the death falls on the Sabbath – a day of rest in the Jewish faith when no burials are performed – or on a Jewish holiday.

She already owned a burial plot that had a tombstone engraved with her name and birth date.

Congress enacted it in 1990 to protect and safely relocate native burial sites.

Before the breath could have been well out of his body, they hoisted him up and carried him away to burial.

An undertaker waited on a gentleman, with the bill for the burial of his wife, amounting to 67l.

When all these ceremonies were finished, they carried him for burial to an isolated island, far from the mainland.

They attend to the burial of the poor, and of the bones of those who are hanged, which duty they see to once each year.

The burial of 3,000 Turks by armistice at Anzac seems to have been carried out without a hitch.