Buries [verb]

Definition of Buries:

lay to rest after death

Synonyms of Buries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Buries:

Sentence/Example of Buries:

If they are still Moderns and alive, I defy you to bury them if you are discussing living questions in a full and honest way.

The swift breeze seemed to Edna to bury the sting of it into the pores of her face and hands.

Two years before her death Mrs. Otis was glad to bury her mortification and misery in Rosewater.

Meanwhile Benny looked on with great delight as Watch tried to bury his bone with only one paw to dig with.

Since the number of casualties was extremely high during this battle, Jackson allowed Banks to bury his dead the following day.

The adherents of Shiva bury their dead; the others either burn them or throw them into the river.

Spackles 's got two-three hunderd laid by for to bury him, and so's Grandmother Penny.

Full explanations were made, and the force returned to bury the dead and care for the wounded.

The ice sheet, which was in time to bury half of Europe under its chilly mantle, had begun its slow movement toward the south.

However, he has asked me how I, loving Paris as I do, could make up my mind to bury myself in the country.