Burnable [adjective]

Definition of Burnable:

ready to burn

Synonyms of Burnable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burnable:

Sentence/Example of Burnable:

The gases which ascend from the fire consist largely of "carbon-monoxide," a burnable gas with lots of heat still left in it.

He went off to drag charred masses of burnable stuff from the burned-out first forest fire.

And an arc is very dangerous in a house if there is anything burnable near it.

In the mean time, the storehouse, and everything the yard contained which was burnable, was on fire.

Most of these burnable foods explode in the body, a good deal as they burn outside.

He crossed the plank to the shore, but there was not much burnable driftwood along the slough.

We could cut that into burnable pieces after we got it to camp.