Burners [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Burners:

I pointed through the woods to a bit of clearing made by a charcoal burner.

Is he like Duclosse the mealman, or Lajeunesse the blacksmith, or Garotte the lime-burner-and the rest?

The little hut of the lime-burner was beyond in a hollow, and behind that again was a lean-to, like a small shed or stable.

The hall is lighted with gas, and the burner is placed between the two doors.

At the high temperature of the triple burner, a semi-solid, red, greasy substance collected in and closed the condenser tube.

Light the burner, start the motor, and pour a little granulated sugar in the revolving can cover.

The burner is especially adapted to continuous work, such as sealing packages, etc.

The gasoline and alcohol flames have their drawbacks, one of which is the starting of the burner and the waiting for the heat.

When this is finished, wipe the burner inside and out, above and below, as carefully as possible.

The time when a lamp needs a new wick is a good time to boil the burner.