Burnished [verb]

Definition of Burnished:

polish, brighten

Synonyms of Burnished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burnished:



Sentence/Example of Burnished:

They carried spears that flashed and glittered in the sun, as did their burnished shields and helmets.

Then again she brushed and brushed, until the ripply mass shone like unto burnished gold.

Tik-tok moved by clockwork, and was made all of burnished copper.

In places it was wholly metal, smooth and shining like burnished copper.

The helmet, though burnished and adorned with a horse's tail, had the unmistakable outlines of a copper kettle.

Beneath the glow plates in the overhead, his pink scalp gleamed with the soft, burnished shininess of a well-polished apple.

The bands may be raised and projecting (Bosnia) or be merely painted on a flat, sometimes burnished, surface.

Hewn out of the solid rock, a smooth and glistening pavement refracted those noon-day beams like burnished metal.

Her thick hair of burnished black was piled on top of her head in gracious disorder, and from it swayed a scarlet paper flower.

On the burnished surface of the silver glittered the glow of rose-colored candles, held in candelabra of vermilion.