Burrow [noun]

Definition of Burrow:

hole dug by animal

Synonyms of Burrow:

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Sentence/Example of Burrow:

This subterranean menagerie is capitalizing on an old burrow, gouged into the earth by a massive lizard.

Tubenoses can locate their nest burrows by scent and are even able to detect a whiff of plankton while on the wing.

If a burrow is already occupied and is close to the ideal size, or a bit smaller, the mantis shrimp will fight longer and harder for that burrow—and be more likely to win the contest.

“The burrow is a massively valuable resource because it is so costly — in terms of energy — to excavate and build,” says Faulkes, of Queen Mary University of London.

Trace fossils also include preserved tracks, burrows and feces.

Up jumped Nquing from his burrow in the spinifex and shouted, "Go away!"

Henry laid his brother down and stretched his aching arms, while Jess began to burrow into the haystack.

Rats burrow along a drain pipe from the sewer into the house and admit sewer gas.

She dropped on her knees and examined the toads carefully, while they tried to burrow into the soil backward, to escape the sun.

They all looked downward and found a sky-blue rabbit had stuck his head out of a burrow in the ground.